Summer in Tucson means monsoon rains. The heat creates a convective force creating thunderheads over the mountains, that then move through the city, dumping rain on its residents. These late afternoon storms often leave a canvas of clouds on which the beautiful sunsets Tucson has become famous for are painted. But the monsoon is not the only time we enjoy these amazing sites—our signature sunsets happen year round. Enjoy these sunsets.

1 Light poles at a park are silhouetted by the setting sun in Tucson, AZ.

2 Playground equipment is silhouetted by the setting sun in Tucson, AZ.

3 A full moon rises opposite the setting sun east of Tucson, AZ.

4 The sun sets over a baseball game at Tucson Electric Park.

5 The sunset has no competition from the midway lights as seen from the top of the Ferris wheel at the Pima County Fair southeast of Tucson, AZ.

6 As the sun sets on the Pima County Fair, the lights of the midway are illuminated.

7 Smoke from wildfires near Tucson, AZ, often result in these bright orange sunsets in a relatively cloudless sky.

8 Left: a Saguaro cactus is silhouetted against the sunset in Sabino Canyon near Tucson, AZ. Right: a kite flies above the sunset at a park in Tucson, AZ.

9 The setting sun lights up contrails in this image taken from Saguaro National Park east of Tucson Az.

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